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When someone mentions “rodent,” you may immediately think of rats or mice, but rodents are so much more taxonomically. Squirrels and voles are rodents, as you presumably already know. However, did you know that chipmunks and prairie dogs are classified as rodents as well? How about porcupines and groundhogs? However, if you believe rabbits are also rodents, you are incorrect.


Rodents are all mammals that are members of the Order Rodentia, which has over 2,000 distinct species and accounts for around 43% of all mammals worldwide. The capybara of South Africa is the world’s largest rodent. It is around the size of a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, weighing in at about 110 pounds on average (50 kg). The pygmy jerboa is the tiniest rodent, weighing less than a fifth of an ounce (5 g). Clearly, there are numerous rodent species with which we have no contact since they do not dwell in our location, do not interact with humans, or are found in unique, isolated settings. What animals are considered rodents?

Small Rodents

MURIDAE FAMILY The term “commensal rodents” refers to pest rodents found in and around constructions. Commensal literally translates as “to share the table,” which is precisely what these rodent pests do. They have adapted to coexist with humans and consume similar foods. Certain rodents, such as squirrels and voles, occasionally utilize the human property for refuge or food, making them semi-commensal.

Chipmunks, which have adapted to living in close proximity to humans, are members of the Sciuridae family.

There are multiple rodent families within the order Rodentia. Each family’s members share some qualities. As is the case with insects, determining which animals belong in the same group is challenging. The most familiar commensal rodents are Muridae, whereas the deer mouse is Cricetidae (as do voles, muskrats, pack rats, hamsters, and lemmings).

In the grand scheme of things, what do all rats in the order Rodentia have in common? They are all mammals with hair on their bodies (not feathers or scales), tails, and the ability to give birth to live offspring (no eggs) and nurse them. However, what rodents have in common is a highly developed capacity to gnaw and a particular structure of their teeth and jaws. A rodent is derived from the Latin word “rodere,” which means to chew.

Similar to the chipmunk, the prairie dog is a rodent species belonging to the Sciuridae family.

Both upper and lower sets of robust, prominent front incisors are separated from their molars by a gap. The incisors continue to grow. Additionally, rodents have a more complicated jaw musculature that allows for all of that gnawing. Animals lacking this combination of characteristics are not members of the order Rodentia. For instance, moles and shrews both have rows of needle-like teeth, classifying them as Insectivora. ADDITIONAL RODENTS. Apart from the commensal rats and mice encountered in the pest management sector, all of the species mentioned to the right are members of the order Rodentia and are thus officially rodents. Many of them have evolved to dwell near, if not in, human homes and are capable of causing damage or spreading disease. You can contact the best rodent exterminator near me.

Due to the fact that certain of these species are protected, management measures may be limited or certification or a special permit may be required in your area:

Is a Squirrel a Rodent

If you think about squirrels, the description is probably very standard wherever you are. Their tail is bushy. Small, dark eyes and tiny ears on a brown, black, or grey body. A squirrel’s tiny clawed hands allow it to climb trees fast. They like to store food in trees or bury it in the ground for the winter. They either make tree nests or dig underground to dwell.

Why? Squirrels can destroy property while looking for a location to nest and food. Many people wonder if squirrels are rodents like rats, mice, or gophers. In this article, we define squirrels and examine their similarities to rodents.

What Are Squirrels

A squirrel is a Sciuridae family animal. They belong to the Rodentia scientific order. In addition to flying squirrels, ground squirrels, and tree squirrels, they are a medium-sized rodent family that contains chipmunks. Snowy Squirrels were introduced to Australia by humans from North America, Europe, and Asia.

Because they breathe air and give birth to live infants rather than eggs, squirrels are mammals. They are rodents, related to rat and mouse species. They have sharp teeth that grow constantly, a rounded head, rounded ears, and other rodent-like traits.

How do they look? These rodents are quite similar to squirrels, but also very different. Many species of squirrels are little to medium-sized, measuring from 10 cm to 3 feet. The average squirrel weighs 11-18 lbs.

In comparison to humans, squirrels have longer rear legs and shorter forepaws. There are normally four or five toes per paw, and most have little, weak thumbs. The claws on the fingers and hands let the rodents climb trees, walls, etc.

Squirrels have small, rounded ears and pointy faces. Acorns and nuts are chewed by their huge, sharp teeth. Eyes are larger than rats or mice’s but usually black in color. Squirrels have huge, bushy, hairy tails, which distinguish them from rats. Squirrels have brown, grey, or black fur with lighter underfur. It has silky fur.

Why are Squirrels a Problem?

Squirrel Meal

Rats and mice are regarded far more hazardous than squirrels. Squirrels can enter homes and other structures through walls and attics. Other than that, they are seeking acorns and tree nuts and can get into attics by chewing through roof tiles or walls. Not for human prey, but for a place to nest and raise their young, squirrels enter buildings to eat their way inside.

Upon entering the walls and attics, squirrels can breed and multiply rapidly. More holes in walls and roofs mean more damage to homes and businesses. Tough to get rid of after setting up their nests, squirrels are territorial creatures.

Squirrels do the most property damage to homeowners. Agribusiness owners and operators face the risk of squirrels damaging crops. Example: Squirrels enjoy eating corn from farms or storage sites.


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