Now is the time to take some precautionary measures to avoid issues! A rat infestation is one such avoidable issue. You don’t want rats in your house at any time of year, but rat elimination is especially crucial. We have both black and brown rats in Chicago. What’s the distinction? Which is the worst: Black Rats VS Brown Rats? Follow us and let’s look at this together:

The Brown Rat: 

The brown rat, often known as the Norway rat, is significantly larger than the black rat. It has a thick body, small ears, and a blunt snout. Brown rats are usually brown, but they can also be tan or dark brown which appears black. Their tales are frequently darker near the body and lighten near the tip. Norway rats are not good climbers, but they are great swimmers.

The Black Rat: 

Black rats, often known as roof rats, are slightly smaller than Norway rats. These rats have a longer snout and bigger ears. They have dark tails and are much thinner and lighter. They are dark grey or black. Roof rats, unlike Norway rats, are poor swimmers. They make up for it with their capacity to climb.

Rats Have IssuesBlack Rats VS Brown Rats

Both of these varieties of rats are disease carriers. The most prevalent problem with rats is that they can cause allergies in humans and spread foodborne infections such as salmonella. While they are uncommon in the United States, they can spread bubonic plague and typhoid. The pests they transport, such as ticks and fleas, can spread the disease even if the rat itself does not. Rats are also significant agricultural pests because they enter crops for food and utilize their urine to disrupt the soil’s PH balance.


If you hear scratching or rustling in the walls or ceiling of your Chicago house, you may have rats. You might also notice mouse droppings or greasy patches on their fur. Because rats have an innate desire to chew, you may see holes in your foundation, boxes, cupboards, wiring, and other areas where they have chewed.

Rat Prevention

Make sure all food spills are cleaned up promptly to help limit the invasion of rats in your Chicago house. If at all possible, avoid leaving pet food out. Keep your trash in bins with tight-fitting lids outside. Keep your grill and outdoor dining spaces clean. Most importantly, ensure that any potential entrance points to the residence are sealed.


Traps can be used to minimize rat populations, but the most effective and safest way to exterminate rats is to contact the rodent experts at AND Exterminators.

In Chicago, there are risks associated with rats.

One thing that Norway rats and roof rats have in common is that they are both exceedingly deadly. Both varieties of rats transmit diseases such as the bubonic plague. Black rats are principally responsible for the outbreak and spread of the bubonic plague. Rats can spread a variety of different diseases and bacteria, as well as fleas and ticks, which can carry even more infections. As if that wasn’t enough, rats have to chew all the time. This indicates that rat infestations will cause property damage as a result of their incessant nibbling. Furthermore, both black and brown rats are known to be aggressive, and they can attack if threatened.

Using AND Pest Exterminators to Protect Yourself from Rats

It is not safe to try to take care of rats on your own because they carry so many diseases. Even cleaning up their feces might spread disease, so be especially cautious when dealing with these rats with pest control in Chicago. AND Exterminators have the knowledge, gear, and experience to deal with rats safely.


We perform an inspection to determine which type of rat is residing in your home, how they got in, and what the best approach is for getting them out. Don’t put yourself in danger of being bitten by a rat while trying to get rid of it. Allow AND Pest Exterminators to handle the dirty work. Now that you know that both brown rats and black rats are equally hazardous and destructive, it’s time to let us handle the matter. Call our rat exterminator experts at (773) 945-0727 today to learn more about our rat removal alternatives! Also, check out our post “Does Black Pepper Keep Rodents Away?” on our website right now!

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