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AND is a licensed rodent pest control exterminator company located in Hyde Park of Chicago South side.


It doesn’t matter how well you believe you’re protected from rats and mice; they can squeeze through gaps as small as a dime. It’s critical to contact expert rodent exterminators if you suspect you have a rat or mouse infestation; your property must be protected from the sickness they can spread. To get rid of rodent infestations, AND Exterminators conducts the following steps:

    • A thorough inspection of your home or company, including the interior and outside.
    • Non-toxic traps and monitoring stations are placed in inconspicuous locations. These are used for complete rodent control as well as monitoring future activity.
    • If we discover that minor common access points are contributing to the infestation, we will seal them.
    • Making a detailed report on the treatment and how to prevent further infestations in your house.

If you want to ensure that your pest and rodent problems go away for good, make sure to follow your technician’s advice. Installing door steeps or fixing holes, for example, can help keep rodents out of your home. To get started with mice & rodent control, contact your local pest control professionals today!

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Your home is the place you lay your head, it shouldn’t be a place for pest to nest. Call AND rat control for our expert extermination and removal service to control your home.

People expect the places where they do business to be mice free. Give your clients what they want! Call AND rat control and removal for mice control today!

Rodents Removal & Sanitation

Looking for local rodent / mice pest control at a fair cost? Want to get rid of mice in your walls? Call AND Exterminators of Hyde Park on the South side of Chicago now!

Stop Rodent Infestations

Get rid of mice and control rats in your home from a local exterminator. Call AND Exterminators! Located in the Hyde Park are of the South side of Chicago!

AND rodent control services is nestled in the Chicago area and  staffed with highly skilled and fully equipped technicians to help you control and get rid of a variety of pesky mice intruders. We specialize in making our customers happy by ridding them of what bugs them. Because of our love for pleasing our customers, we only hire skilled techs that are passionate about customer satisfaction and the latest and most effective ways of getting rid of pest just like we are. This is how we have been around for so many years, rodent and rat control is our jam.

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How to get rid of Rats in Chicago

If you live in the city or the suburbs, chicago rodent control and containerization is one of the most effective techniques for the city to battle rodents. Because the people we serve use heavy-duty plastic carts with tight-fitting lids to confine trash, they are able to eliminate and control one of an urban rat’s main sources of food. Rats can’t breed if they can’t eat.  This is only half the battle, sometimes rodents do make their way into your home.  Like us, they get food and shelter there.  Call AND rat control and we will get them out!

Pest Exterminators Prevent Diseases


It’s not your imagination if you’re a home or business owner in the Midwest and notice that you’re seeing more rodents than usual. The recent temperature increase is one of the key contributors; Chicago’s Winters are becoming warmer. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) predicts that mild winters would result in a surge in rat populations, implying that rodent control will become increasingly crucial as weather patterns change.


Rats can cause serious property damage as well as unsanitary living and working conditions in homes and companies. Rodents produce microscopic droplets of urine, as well as droppings that can spread disease and create an unattractive mess, along their tracks. If you suspect a rat infestation, seeking the aid of a rodent removal and rat control firm is critical to preventing disease from spreading. Make sure to call AND Exterminators, an expert rat exterminator and rat control

\, right away!