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AND is a licensed rodent pest control exterminator company located in Hyde Park of Chicago South side.

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Your home is the place you lay your head, it shouldn’t be a place for pest to nest. Call AND Exterminators Hyde Park for our expert extermination and removal service.

People expect the places where they do business to be pest free. Give your clients what they want! Call AND Exterminators Hyde Park today!

Rodent Removal

Looking for local rodent pest control? Want to get rid of mice in your walls? Call AND Exterminators of Hyde Park on the South side of Chicago now!

Rodent Control

Get rid of mice in your home from a local exterminator. Call AND Exterminators! Located in the Hyde Park are of the South side of Chicago!

AND Exterminators Hyde Park is nestled in the Chicago area and  staffed with highly skilled and fully equipped technicians to help you get rid of a variety of pesky intruders. We specialize in making our customers happy by ridding them of what bugs them. Because of our love for pleasing our customers, we only hire skilled techs that are passionate about customer satisfaction and the latest and most effective ways of getting rid of pest just like we are. 

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We take Rat invasion seriously!

AND Exterminators understands that anything crawling anywhere you lay your head or service your clientele is a major disruption to your life. We pride ourselves in removing these nuisances from any place. Call us for a free consultation.