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Despite their bleak and embarrassing past, there is much more to learn about roof rats. Here, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning these roof-scaling parasites. If you suspect your home or business has a roof rat infestation, contact, AND pest control association immediately. Our roof rat control experts will eradicate the problem and provide preventative measures to keep it from recurring.

black rat removal and exterminationIf you’ve ever taken a world history lesson, you’ve certainly heard of the bubonic plague, sometimes known as “The Black Death.” The roof rat is at the foundation of this devastating pandemic that has killed 25 million people. At least in part. Researchers have linked plague bacterium to fleas carried by black rats, or roof rats. Infected rats were bitten by fleas, who then spread the germs to people. Fortunately for us, modern medicine reduces the likelihood of another “Black Death.”

Despite their bleak and embarrassing past, there is much more to learn about roof rats. Here, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning these roof-scaling parasites. If you suspect your home or business has a roof rat infestation, contact AND immediately. Our roof rat control experts will eradicate the problem and provide preventative measures to keep it from recurring.

What Exactly Is A Roof Rat?

Roof rats, also known as black rats or ship rats, acquire their name from their proclivity to congregate on rooftops and upper levels of structures. Roof rats, which were once thought to be native to Southeast Asia, have spread throughout the world. They like coastal and tropical areas, notably in the southern portion of the United States. Roof rats seldom live more than a year, although females can have up to 40 offspring in that time. Because of their fast reproduction, infestations can emerge quickly.

Roof Rat Dimensions and Description

Roof rats are typically dark brown or black in color, with a paler underside. Their scaly tails are as long as, if not longer than, their bodies, measuring roughly 16 inches or more in total. These rodents have long, thin bodies, pointed noses, and huge ears. Roof rats can weigh as much as a billiard ball, and larger ones can weigh as much as a human heart.

Roof Rats Eat What?

Roof rats will devour almost anything if they are hungry enough. They would, however, prefer seeds, nuts, and fruits if given the choice. For extra protein, these rats will consume slugs, snails, or various insects. Roof rats, as nocturnal animals, like to eat around dusk and before the sun rises. They don’t, however, eat just anywhere. Roof rats are reserved. They prefer to eat in a secluded location. These rodents are also known to be food hoarders, storing nuts and seeds for later consumption.

Where Do Roof Rats Spend Their Days?

Roof rats, as previously stated, are nocturnal creatures who prefer to hide. They like to do it in upper portions of buildings, such as attics and rafters. They may also build their nests in dense foliage or wood heaps. Roof rats forage for food and nest in colonies, frequently seeking protection from predators or the elements. They will not be deterred by a little drywall or aluminum. Roof rats will enter garages, attics, and sheds as soon as they can nibble a quarter-sized hole in these siding materials to find a pleasant, warm nesting spot.

If you are concerned about roof rats on your property, contact AND specialists at 773-945-0727. Calling in professionals is the best approach to get rid of roof rats. Our experts will ensure that your property is rat-free and will assist you in making the required changes to prevent roof rats from returning.

Roof rats vs. Norway rats

Many people mix up Norway rats and roof rats, but they are not the same thing. Roof rats are smaller than Norway rats, but their tails are shorter. Norway rats are also lighter in color and tend to congregate on the ground. Although both rat species can transmit comparable diseases, their destructive actions differ. Because Norway rats prefer lower levels and roof rats prefer higher levels, their chewing and burrowing have different effects. Norway rats frequently cause damage to sidewalks, patios, and foundations, whereas roof rats typically cause damage to walls, pipes, cables, and insulation.

Do Roof Rats Spread Disease?

Roof rats do not usually seek out humans to attack unless they are threatened. They are, however, filthy creatures that can transmit diseases such as rat-bite fever, salmonella, and even bubonic plague. Because rats are filthy, they can quickly contaminate food or food preparation surfaces just by passing by. Roof rats may nibble their way into stored products in quest of food, contaminating them in the process. These roof-dwelling rodents also frequently carry fleas, which are disease vectors in and of themselves, bringing diseases such as typhus.

Roof Rat Debris

If you’re having trouble determining where these pests are coming from, here’s a helpful, albeit nasty, method. Keep an eye out for the dark brown banana-shaped excrement they leave behind. The droppings are modest, yet much larger than mouse excrement. Roof rats, as previously said, are filthy animals, and spreading their feces around your home is one of the primary ways they spread disease and contaminate food.

How Do Roof Rats Get Into Your Home?

Roof rats are the type of creatures who will go to any length to avoid predators and enter your home. The determined pests can enter any structure larger than a nickel by crawling via pipe tunnels and nibbling through wood, aluminum siding, and drywall. Of course, any cavities in the construction of your

black rat removal and extermination

 home can provide complete access to these pests.

Roof Rat Removal Using AND Pest Exterminators

Roof rats in the attic can be a significant problem for homeowners. Try the following to avoid a roof rat infestation:

  • Repair any gaps in your window and door screens.
  • Caulk can be used to fill gaps and cracks.
  • Exterior doors should have door sweeps installed.
  • Trim trees and shrubs away from the building’s side.
  • Keep food, particularly pet food, in sealed containers. Keep firewood away from homes and businesses.
  • Remove moisture sources such as leaking pipes, particularly in attics and crawl areas.

How To Get Rid Of Black Rats In Your Chicago City Home?

How to Get Rid Of Black Rats

Black rats are versatile, highly agile, and breed quickly, making rat management a challenge for the untrained individual.

We would always recommend contacting a professional pest control business, preferably a member of the AND Exterminators, for any Black Rat infestation. They are skilled in rat control and will have access to a variety of professional use rodenticides that the general public does not have.

If you opt to do the work yourself, you can get amateur-use poisons and traps from a hardware store or garden center. Black rats are apprehensive of new objects in their habitat, such as traps or poisons, and may avoid them for a period of time before exploring them, so don’t expect fast results. When putting poison or traps in place, ensure sure they are out of reach of youngsters and pets.

How Much Is Black Rat Extermination?

With the exception of Antarctica, rats may be found almost wherever on the planet where humans dwell. They can gnaw through wood and walls to construct their homes in the smallest of areas, and once there, they reproduce quickly. If you spot one rat in your home, there are almost definitely more hiding nearby, and rats can carry and transmit a variety of dangerous diseases.

If you suspect your home has a rodent infestation, you must act quickly as the rat removal cost can 

increase with time. You may get rid of these bothersome pests by purchasing and installing traps or bait stations. However, these have drawbacks, and if not used appropriately, you may not be able to eliminate the entire infestation. If you feel that your DIY methods will not work you can contact our exterminator rats rat infestation specialists at (773) 945-0727 right away!

Cost of Black Rat Extermination on Average

black rat removal and extermination

Black Rat extermination cost on average $352 with a normal range of $171 to $535. However, if the infestation is especially serious, the full procedure could cost $1,200 or more. The good news is that most professional pest control companies will include dead rat disposal, follow-up visits, and preventative treatments in their rat removal rates.

However, if you prefer a more compassionate live rodent removal service, it is likely to be more expensive, and not all pest control firms offer it. Furthermore, while fumigation is the last choice in extreme cases, it is the most expensive alternative, ranging from $2,000 to $6,000, or around $1 to $3 per square foot.

Rat Exterminator Cost Calculation Factors

The cost of removing rats from your property will vary depending on the location and intensity of the infestation, as well as the methods used to eliminate the rats.


If a rat infestation is contained to an interior space of a home, such as a kitchen or a bathroom, it is easier and less expensive to eliminate. Because attics and basements provide additional problems, they will be more expensive. The price will be significantly greater if the rats are in the walls, ceilings, or roof. And the most difficult-to-reach areas—below foundations, under flooring, or in heating ducts—will be the most expensive.


The number of rats also has a significant impact on the extermination cost, as larger infestations will almost certainly necessitate many treatments across multiple trips to your property. It’s difficult to quantify what makes a small, medium, or huge infestation, but as the traps full up, so will the costs.

Method of Removal

To a lesser extent, the technique in which the rats are exterminated or removed will also influence the price. This is especially true when it comes to do-it-yourself rat extermination, which we’ll go into in further detail later. Professional exterminators are more likely to charge based on location and size, but if you request something special, such as live trapping, the fee will be higher.

Our village rat control professionals will not only set and clear traps for you, but they will also have access to equipment and rodenticides that you may not be able to obtain on your own. Many of our full-service pest control industry pros will also find rat entry spots, seal them, and walk you through preventative measures.

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Ultrasonic Rodent Treatment

Ultrasonic mouse repellents are an efficient pest control means of rodent control and preventing rodent infestations. Sound waves with a high-pitched frequency emit a non-repetitive pattern to prevent rats from becoming used to the sound. AND Exterminators are skilled and mastered in Deer Mouse control on the South side of Chicago in Hyde Park! Make an appointment today!

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Our Experts will inspect your home for gnaw marks and ruined and items that have severe damage. Additionally, they seek Deer Mouse droppings. You will be able to hear movement at night, which will be considerably more prominent. As a bonus to our ongoing pest control & maintenance program customers, we give free visual checks for rodent wood damage and more at each pest control visit. Call our AND pest control Chicago, IL Exterminators of Hyde Park now for your rodent removal inspection!

AND’s 5-Star Exterminator Technicians have received extensive rodent control training. We only recruit technicians who have been drug-tested and have a clean background. AND Exterminators are aware that not all Deer Mouse treatments are the same. To correctly treat your home, we employ cutting-edge technology and supplies. Because adaptability is essential, we employ liquid, foam, baiting, and even ecological ways of defense. We treat not only common household pests but wildlife and more as well!

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Black rats have acute senses of smell, taste, and touch. They have acute hearing, frequently communicate with ultrasound, and are especially alert to any unexpected noise. Both species reproduce quickly and reach sexual maturity in around three months.

A company’s reputation can be ruined by Black Rats. Clients and customers are hesitant to conduct business with you if they discover evidence of rodent infestation in the properties you manage.

Our pest control Chicago pest exterminators will create a personalized pest control plan fit for your specific situation. Contact AND Exterminators today if you feel you have a Black Rat infestation in your Hyde Park, Chicago home! We also provide wildlife pest control for similar animals in the field! Don’t Let Them Damage Where You and Your Family Lay Your Heads!