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Your home is the place you lay your head, it shouldn’t be a place for pest to nest. Call AND Exterminators Hyde Park for our expert extermination and removal service.

People expect the places where they do business to be pest free. Give your clients what they want! Call AND Exterminators Hyde Park today!

The last thing any home owner wants is for their home to be rotting away from the inside out. Don’t let termites devour your dream! Call AND Exterminators now!

Good night, sleep tight, call us and we’ll make sure the bed bugs won’t bite! AND Exterminators!

Keep those nasty mice and rats out of your house for good with AND Exterminators.

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Whether roaches, spiders, ants, silver fish, flies, mosquitoes or wasps.  Call us for a seasonal spray.

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An individual who pertains to your home unwanted and provides a complimentary pest evaluation or pressures you to purchase insect control treatments. That person extremely well might be a fraud artist. A pest control organization whose contact number isn’t listed or isn’t working. A deal to combine pest control services with other services, such as home repair work or tree cutting, as part of a bundle if you instantly accept have them done.

Also, you need to ask whether the contract is immediately restored every year. The agreement must consist of the name of the business providing the service in addition to its contact details. Any pledges made by the bug control provider need to be put in writing. “Be sure you understand what the business will do if insects continue or return after treatment,” the Better Business Bureau says, “and for how long it will require to execute the treatment.” The EPA says things you should ask about when choosing a bug control business consist of: The length of time have you been in business at your current address? The response will tell you something about the business’s stability.

Dixmoor (formerly Specialville) is a village in Cook County, Illinois, United States and a south suburb of Chicago. The population was 2,973 at the 2020 census.

Dixmoor is adjacent to Harvey to the south & east, Posen to the west, and Blue Island & Riverdale to the north. Interstate 57 also runs through the village.


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AND Exterminators is nestled in the Suburbs of Chicago and  staffed with highly skilled and fully equipped technicians to help you get rid of a variety of pesky intruders. We specialize in making our customers happy by ridding them of what bugs them. Because of our love for pleasing our customers, we only hire skilled techs that are passionate about customer satisfaction and the latest and most effective ways of getting rid of pest just like we are. 

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We take pest infestation seriously!

AND Exterminators understands that anything crawling anywhere you lay your head or service your clientele is a major disruption to your life. We pride ourselves in removing these nuisances from any place. Call us for a free quote.

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Will the individual performing services at my home be certified or accredited? The answer will assist show how professional the company is. Can you reveal me a copy of your pest control license, copies of the labels of the pesticides you utilize and a rundown of how the pesticides are applied? A hesitation to come up with these documents must raise suspicion.

For single gos to, Healy says AND Insect Control has a pricing structure based on size of house and insect. For instance, for carpenter ants in a house approximately 1,500 square feet, the treatment expense would be $300. A home that is 1,501 to 2,300 square feet would cost $325 to treat.

“The larger your house, the better the deal.” AND’s single service treatments come with a 90-day assurance. They charge $215 for carpenter ant control and $145 for flea treatment. They will carry out a termite examination for $145. Bee and wasp control costs $95 for one nest or $195 for entire house prevention.