How Far Do Mice Travel

mice travel

Have you ever wondered how far mice travel? It’s a question that fascinates many people, especially those living in rural areas. Many folks have tales of mice appearing from seemingly out of nowhere and then suddenly disappearing just as quickly. In this article, we’ll look at how far mice travel and what factors influence their […]

Where Do Mice Hide During The Day

mice hide during day

Mice are pests that can be hard to spot, but they can also cause a lot of damage. One of the biggest questions homeowners have is: where do mice hide during the day? Fortunately, there are some common places that mice like to stay during the day, as well as ways to prevent them from […]

Will Mothballs Keep Rodents Away


And Exterminators offers the best services of mice exterminator Chicago. Call for assistance (773) 945-0727. You might have heard that mothballs can keep mice and other pests away, but is it true? It seems possible that the idea of using mothballs to keep mice away arose many years ago. Manufacturers of mothballs probably used to […]

Can Mice Eat Thru Spray Foam

mice spray foam

And Exterminators offers the best services of mouse exterminator Chicago. Call for assistance (773) 945-0727. Is it possible for mice to chew through spray foam? This is a common question presented by homeowners and can only be resolved via considerable detective work. As the nights lengthen and Winter’s frost sets in, unwelcome pests such as rats […]

Can Rodents Get Rabies

rodents get rabies

Can Rodents Get Rabies And Exterminators offers the best services of rodent exterminators. Call for assistance (773) 945-0727. Let go of pests. It’s awful to think your home is plagued with rats or mice. A stray mouse may cause chaos in a home. Pests like rodents can spread diseases like rabies to your family and […]

Can You Spray For Mice| Get Rid From The House

And Exterminators offers the best services to get rid of mice in the house. Call for assistance (773) 945-0727. A pest-free home is critical for your health. However, if mice and other rodents have into your prized nesting area, it is crucial to understand how to eradicate these pests. What I can spray to keep […]

How Do Exterminators Get Rid of Mice

And Exterminators are the best mice exterminator Chicago to get rid of mice. For more information call (773) 945-0727. On average, nearly a third of Americans had rats in their homes in 2017. That’s why many people hire a mouse exterminator to get rid of vermin. How do exterminators get rid of mice? What do […]