During a typical year at South Suburban College, located near the city of Dolton, more than 9,000 students are enrolled, which is a significant number. There is a wide variety of career education and college transfer credit programs available via the College. Additionally, the Business & Career Institute at South Suburban College provides non-credit tailored training, short-term business education, and a plethora of special interest seminars.

The College boasts a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center that hosts a variety of performances. The College sponsors a wide range of cultural events, including plays, comedy acts, special lectures, and concerts, all of which contribute to the richness of the performing arts in the south suburbs.

SSC will continue to give educational opportunities to the community in established areas as well as in new and developing fields in the years to come. By pursuing distant learning opportunities, we aim to be able to reach tomorrow’s students in even more engaging ways than we currently do. South Suburban College’s objective is to serve our students and the community by providing them with opportunities for lifelong learning.

SSC is committed to providing high-quality education, training, and services to all individuals who have the potential to benefit from our programs, regardless of their background.

Students from all walks of life can benefit from easily available and reasonably priced educational opportunities.

Workforce development services provided in conjunction with local businesses

Staff, instructors, and students work together to develop a learning environment and resources for the benefit of all.

Students will benefit from modern facilities and technology that will prepare them for transfer to baccalaureate programs or for entry into the workforce.


We envision a South Suburban College that is warm and appealing to students and faculty while also being efficient, safe, transparent, and financially secure. We envision a college that fosters creative communication and synergy among members of the campus community as well as between members of the campus community and its partners.


SSC will play a major role in altering the lives of its varied student population through innovative teaching, the integration of technology, the modeling of environmentally friendly behaviors, the cultivation of external collaborations, and the establishment of a culture of assessment.


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