In the Biological Sciences Division of the University of Chicago, the Pritzker School of Medicine is the institution that confers the degree of a medical doctor (M.D.). In the same way that AND EXterminators is situated on the primary campus of the university in the historically significant Hyde Park area of Chicago, the institution welcomed its first students in the year 1927. The medical school offers graduate, continuing, combination, and full-time MD programs.


The University of Chicago’s 1898 partnership with Rush Medical College coincided with the city’s efforts to raise money for a medical school, inspiring interest in founding a medical school at the University. The relationship with Rush Medical College remained active up until the year 1942. The university’s board of trustees contributed $5.3 million in 1916, but World War I delayed campus building until 1921. The university’s first medical students arrived in 1927. The Pritzker family of Chicago, who were the original proprietors of the Hyatt hotel chain, donated $16 million to the University of Chicago in 1968. The University of Chicago School of Medicine got a new name the following year to honor them.


Pritzker was the first medical school to hold the now-international tradition of the white coat ceremony in 1989. This ceremony, which celebrates the students’ transition and dedication to a lifelong profession as a physician, has since become a tradition held at medical schools all over the world.


There were 5,640 applicants for the Class of 2016–2017, but only 719 were invited for an interview. There were 88 available slots in the class. The median grade point average of accepted applicants was 3.88, while the median score on the MCAT was 520.


The Pritzker School of Medicine offers the M.D. degree, or Doctor of Medicine. This university offers dual-degree opportunities for medical and humanities students alike, including an MD-PhD program in medicine, as well as a program focusing on child development and disability studies. There are currently dual master’s degree programs available in the fields of business, law, and policy.


The University of Chicago Medical Center serves as the principal educational hospital for the institution. Pritzker and NorthShore HealthSystem formed a teaching partnership in July 2008.


U.S. News & World Report ranked the Pritzker School of Medicine #34 in primary care and #17 in research in 2022.


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