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Mice can destroy your property and belongings and constitute a health concern to friends, family, and guests. AND Exterminators can assist you to identify a house mice infestation around Chicago, IL, and provide rapid mouse control and mouse proofing to keep your home safe and secure. Call AND Exterminators of Hyde Park to mouse-proof your home now!

AND’s 5-Star Technicians have received extensive training. We only recruit technicians who have been drug-tested and have a clean background. When the weather turns cold, people aren’t the only ones looking for a warm place to stay. Chicago Homeowners must prepare for mice in the winter since it is difficult to get them out once they have moved in. Follow our simple guidelines to proof your Chicago Illinois home for mice. To correctly treat your home, we employ cutting-edge technology and supplies. Contact our expert mice and rodent exterminators at AND for more assistance now!

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Winter-Proofing for Home Rodents

Symptoms of a Mice Infestation

When the weather turns cold, people aren’t the only ones looking for a warm place to stay. Chicago Homeowners must prepare for mice in the winter since it is difficult to get them out once they have moved in. Follow these simple guidelines to proof your Central Illinois home for mice.

Rats and mice are infamous for invading homes, particularly during the autumn and winter seasons. They tend to rely on the same few entry sites; therefore, by locating and closing off these entry points, you could permanently keep rats and mice out of your home!

There are many methods to stay rodent-free this winter season, from mouse-proofing your home to cleaning up your kitchen so rodents aren’t tempted to come inside. Continue reading our blog to learn ways to keep bugs out as the weather cools:

Here are some “interesting facts” regarding rodents:

  • Because their teeth never stop growing, they must chew constantly to keep them from stretching too far. They frequently chew on wiring in homes, which can create electrical difficulties and even fires!
  • Their skeletons and bodies are highly flexible, allowing them to squeeze through the tiniest of openings. Their only physical limitation is the size of their skulls. Mice can squeeze through a gap the size of a dime, while rats can squeeze through a gap the size of a nickel! (A juvenile rodent can fit through even tiny gaps.)
  • Rodents are excellent climbers, able to scale practically any rough surface, including wires, pipelines, and fences, to get to their destination.
  • They spread a variety of severe infections, such as Salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, Leptospirosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, and, yes, the plague. Rodents may potentially indirectly spread other diseases if infested with disease-carrying fleas. Aside from these health risks, they can contaminate food and aggravate allergies.
  • Rodents reproduce swiftly; for example, mice reach reproductive age about a month after birth. They can then breed all year, producing 5-10 litters per year with an average of 6-8 offspring. Do the arithmetic, and you’ll see that’s a lot of mice!

Having said that, would you want rodents in your home? We didn’t believe so. However, how can you keep them out? You can be certain that mice and rats will try to infiltrate your home this winter in order to escape the cold. The good news is that there are steps you can take to protect your home from rodents, and AND Exterminators is here to assist.

1. Area Patrol

The first step in mouse and rat-proofing your home is determining where and how they are getting in. Mice can squeeze through cracks and openings as small as 14 of an inch, making it very easy for them to get inside. To figure out where the mice and rats are coming from, do the following:

  • Walk around the outside and inside of your house, looking for cracks in the foundation or walls.
  • Assess attentively the areas where utilities, such as sewage or gas lines, enter the house.
  • Examine the screens for tears or small holes.
  • Inspect the insulation for tears or damage.
  • Check the walls and ceilings for any faint spots.
  • When you close your doors, windows, and garage doors, be sure they are completely sealed.

2. Look Inside Your Home.

After you’ve checked the outside of your house, it’s time to look inside:

  • Examine the windows and doors for any drafts. Rats and mice can enter through even the smallest cracks and holes.
  • Turn off all lights, close all windows, and search for any sources of light. Even a glimmer of light could be where mice are infiltrating your home.
  • Flick on the lights and lightly dust the floor with flour or talcum powder; the mice or rats will leave a trail that you can follow back to their nests.
  • Look for poop in forgotten corners or under furniture.
  • Make a note of any rips or gnaw marks in your beds, furniture, fabric, or electrical wiring.
  • Even ultraviolet light can be used. Mouse urine glows in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet light. Cats can detect UV light, which they use to seek their prey.

3. Repair Any Gaps or Damage

It’s time to cut them off now that you’ve found every nook and crevice where mice are slipping in. Fill in any gaps and cracks using sealants such as steel wool, contact cement, concrete, sheet metal, or caulk.

Restore or replace worn-out screens and rubber seals. Reinforce any worn insulation, making certain that no hollow points or gaps remain. Be cautious around gas and electrical equipment, as well as wiring and power lines.

Of course, if you’re having trouble keeping pests out or would rather have the pros handle your rodent infestations, contact AND Exterminators!

4. Prevent Rodents from Reappearing

Mice and rats are tenacious creatures. Even if you’ve made it more difficult for rats to enter your home, you still need to make it unappealing to opportunistic critters:

  • Remove bird feeders, especially in the winter.
  • Clear your yard of any fallen seeds, nuts, or fruits.
  • Store your firewood high off the ground and far enough away from your house that rodents cannot utilize it to gain entry.
  • Food should be stored in tightly sealed plastic or Tupperware containers.
  • Sweep or vacuum crumbs and food remnants as soon as possible.
  • Keep filthy dishes out of the sink.
  • Clean out your home (particularly the basement and attic) to eliminate valuable hiding spots for mice and rats.
  • Place mouse traps throughout the house.

Eco-friendly Rodent Control?

Pesticides can harm humans, animals, and the environment. Thanks to the EPA, exterminators in Illinois companies can use chemical pesticides and insecticides safely. The EPA oversees U.S. pesticide development.

Our AND Exterminators have partnered with top brands to reduce environmental risks from pesticides at a very competitive cost. By following brand guidelines, you can safely, completely, and efficiently eradicate mice and rodent infestations.

Mice can often live in your home without being noticed. There are various more indicators that you may have house mice in your home; as soon as you notice any suspicious symptoms, contact a mice removal agency for professional assistance.

  • Mouse droppings resemble little brown or black rice grains. In some places of your home, you may also notice dark urine stains or a musky odor.
  • Mice must constantly nibble on hard items to keep their teeth from growing out of control. Gnaw marks may be left on woodwork, furniture, ropes, or packaged food.
  • You may hear mice moving through the internal areas between your walls and above your ceiling even if you never see one. Many homeowners who have a mouse infestation report scuttling or nibbling sounds, especially at night, when mice are most active.

Conducting a Mice Inspection

In addition, to mouse-proofing your home, you should inspect it on a regular basis for symptoms of a mouse infestation. By inspecting every inch of your home, you will be able to detect the first indicators that you require the services of a professional mice exterminator.

  • Begin by evaluating the exterior of your property for any minor openings or crevices that mice could enter through. Mice prefer messy or overgrown places near your foundation, so investigate these areas with caution.
  • Look for visual evidence of mice, such as bite marks or oil trails, along your baseboards and stairs. Check under sinks and within cupboards for signs of activity or nesting as well.
  • Examine your pantry for indicators of mouse activity, such as opened or gnawed packaging, missing food, and gaps in corners where rodents may gain access to your staples at night.
  • If you have an attic or basement, it’s extremely vital to inspect these places, especially if you don’t use them frequently. Mice frequently build their nests in remote, quiet spaces and can leave obvious damage to insulation, drywall, and carpets.

AND Pest Control Company Can Help!

A good defense is the best offense. Rodent concerns? Contact us. We’ll assist you with eradicating those pesky pests. We have instruments and supplies to repel mice. This will save you money and heartache.

Safe & Effective Mice Control Solutions

Not all Chicago pest control companies cost a lot and can handle sensitive scenarios such as mice inspection services. We’ve worked with mice for years and know them well. We know what attracts and repels them. Our team prioritizes two things. We wish to help the client and keep them safe.

If we reach these targets and prevent you from paying the unfortunate cost, we’ll be happy. We’re one of the top pest control companies in Chicago and are always improving. Every day, we strive hard to prevent past mistakes and satisfy the client. Our rivals wouldn’t do that.

How to Get Rid Of Black Rats

Black rats are versatile, highly agile, and breed quickly, making rat management a challenge for the untrained individual.

We would always recommend contacting a professional pest control business, preferably a member of the AND Exterminators, for any Black Rat infestation. They are skilled in rat control and will have access to a variety of professional use rodenticides that the general public does not have.

If you opt to do the work yourself, you can get amateur-use poisons and traps from a hardware store or garden center. Black rats are apprehensive of new objects in their habitat, such as traps or poisons, and may avoid them for a period of time before exploring them, so don’t expect fast results. When putting poison or traps in place, ensure sure they are out of reach of youngsters and pets.

How Much Is Black Rat Extermination?

Prevention Tips For Mice Winter-Proofing in Your Chicago Home

Caulk, concrete, brick and mortar, wire mesh, foam, metal siding, or metal rat guards are just a few of the materials available to plug gaps and keep rodents out. The material you select will be determined by the location and size of the gap. You should also consider the rodent(s) you want to keep out. (Rats are stronger than mice and can chew through more difficult materials.) Here are a few mouse and rodent avoidance tips to consider when winterizing your home:

Get Rid of The Clutter.

Attics and garages become dumping grounds for unneeded items. “Out of sight, out of mind,” as the phrase goes. Without your knowledge, those bins of old clothes and photo albums could be harboring little stowaways. Rats and mice like empty areas where they can develop their homes without being disturbed.

Sort through messy sections of the house to prepare for mice in the winter in Chicago. Choose what to keep, donate, or throw out. Storage rooms, even if they aren’t part of your usual living space, must be kept orderly so that rodents don’t claim your home as their own.

Keep Food Away From Children.

This year, Santa Claus will have to forego the milk and cookies. Rats and mice will feast on anything left on kitchen countertops. Rodents are expert scavengers, capable of discovering even the smallest crumb left under your refrigerator. Clean up after supper and sweep the floors on a regular basis to keep rats at bay.

Also, ensure that the food in the refrigerator and pantry has a tight seal. Rodents have easy access to cereal cartons and potato chip bags. Store food in containers that require opposable thumbs to open high off the ground. Leftovers should be stored in food storage bins as soon as possible.

Fill In The Cracks

Blocking points of the entrance is the most effective technique to winter-proof your Chicago, Illinois home of mice. Check the perimeter of your home for gaps wider than a quarter-inch. Torn window screens, fractures in walls, and spaces around pipes are all common entry points for rodents. Fortunately, fixing a hole is straightforward. Caulk and wire mesh are both great for sealing access sites.

Consider getting a brush strip for your external doors. They’re simple to install and prevent rodents from crawling below, which is especially important if your front door leaves a huge gap. Brush strips are also cost-effective because they help to keep heat in your home.

Remove All Hiding Locations.

Mice and rats could be hiding in your garden. With autumn in full flow, you’re probably surrounded by piles of raked leaves. Leaves and overgrowth, like clutter within the house, are ideal habitats for rats. Prepare for mice in Chicago during the winter by removing weeds and cutting branches that dangle close to your roof. Prevent unwelcome visitors from settling in before the cold winter arrives.

Rodent control is essential to keep the small critters at bay in your home. If your home is prone to rat and mouse infestations, don’t put it off any longer. Speak with an AND Exterminator’s professional to find out how we can assist you. We are based in Chicago and offer a variety of pest control services.