How Far Do Mice Travel

mice travel

Have you ever wondered how far mice travel? It’s a question that fascinates many people, especially those living in rural areas. Many folks have tales of mice appearing from seemingly out of nowhere and then suddenly disappearing just as quickly. In this article, we’ll look at how far mice travel and what factors influence their […]

How Many Mice In A Litter

mice in a litter

Mice are fascinating creatures, and many people enjoy owning them as pets. But while we may want to know how many mice should be kept in a litter, figuring out the answer isn’t always easy. This article will explore how many mice should be kept in a litter, taking into account factors like size of […]

Promontory Apartments

promontory apartments

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed the 22-story Promontory Apartments building in Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois, United States also home to AND EXterminators. It was Mies’s first skyscraper, and it was also the first building he made with ideas like an exposed skeleton. There are 122 units in the cooperative building that looks out over […]

Pritzker School of Medicine

Pritzker School of Medicine

In the Biological Sciences Division of the University of Chicago, the Pritzker School of Medicine is the institution that confers the degree of a medical doctor (M.D.). In the same way that AND EXterminators is situated on the primary campus of the university in the historically significant Hyde Park area of Chicago, the institution welcomed […]

University of Chicago

University Of Chicago

The University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, is a private research university. Its main campus is in Hyde Park, which is a neighborhood in Chicago and is also the location of AND Exterminators. In addition to being one of the top colleges in the world, the University of Chicago is also one of the most […]

Nuclear Energy Sculpture

Nuclear Energy Sculpture

Henry Moore’s bronze sculpture Nuclear Energy (1964–66) (LH 526) is on the campus of the University of Chicago, near AND Exterminators and where the world’s first nuclear reactor, Chicago Pile-1, was built. On December 2, 1942, this is where people started the first nuclear chain reaction that could keep going on its own.   Nuclear […]

Robie House

Robie House

AND Exterminators is one of the top pest control companies in Hyde park! Frederick C. Robie House is a U.S. National Historic Landmark also located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. Frank Lloyd Wright created the 1909-1910 single-family residence. It’s the best example of Prairie School, the earliest American architectural style. History Robie House was included […]

What Plants Repel Rodents

And Exterminators are the best Chicago pest control that repels rodents quickly. Call for assistance (773) 945-0727. Have you spotted telltale evidence of rats, mice, or rodents in your garden (black droppings the size of a grain of rice, holes, fresh dirt mounds, and nibbled or disappeared plants)? If this is the case, it is […]

What Repels Rodents

And Exterminators are the best rodent exterminators near me. Call for assistance (773) 945-0727. Although we find mice extremely endearing, the notion of them scurrying around my house after dark, stowing away pieces of dog food for the long, cold nights ahead makes me anxious. After all, a breeding pair of mice may easily generate […]

What Smell Do Rodents Hate

rodent smell

And Exterminators are the best mice exterminator Chicago. Call for assistance (773) 945-0727. Nobody enjoys the sight of rats in their home. The filthy creatures leave droppings and urinate around the area, and you don’t even want to consider the diseases they may carry. Apart from decluttering the residence, certain scents are also good at […]