You probably didn’t think much about the cute tiny mouse hole at the base of the wall in Tom and Jerry cartoons when you were a kid. But if you ever saw a rodent in your house, it would be everything but nostalgic. However, Can Mice Chew Through Walls? Let our mouse removal Chicago specialists help you out! The animator, believe it or not, borrowed a real-life fact: rats and mice can and do chew right through walls, and that’s only the beginning. That scratching noise from a “mouse in the wall” can spell disaster for your home.

How a Rat or Mouse in the Wall Can Harm Your Property

Can Mice Chew Through Walls

Rodents are a clever and cunning family of creatures who are fully capable of destroying much of what we build in order to suit their immediate demands for food and shelter. Most mice aren’t as endearing as Jerry, and most cats aren’t as dedicated as Tom.

A Powerful Furry Force

Mice cost millions in damage each year. These hairy critters can spread disease and contaminate pets and food. They eat insulation, drywall, wood, and practically any other building material, inviting friends and family to visit and leave contaminated droppings and ruin. If the problem isn’t addressed soon, one mouse can easily become 100.


Mice will eat nearly anything to create their nests. Once they’ve chewed through a wall and entered your home at night, they’ll eat your food, wood, books, documents, and even clothes. The more hidden an area, the more probable they will become a roommate. Stuart Little’s family is kinder on TV than in real life.


Mice’s feet on the carpet may not be your biggest problem. Rodents chewing on wires can create fires. Damaged roofs may leak. A mouse may fit through the slightest gap in your electrical appliances and cause a short.


More mice mean faster damage. Rodent infestation can weaken your roof to the point that heavy rain can cause unexpected water damage.

Larger Rodents, Greater Issues

Rats can cause the same damage as their smaller mouse counterparts, but because they can be more than twice the size, getting rid of these bothersome rodents can be considerably more expensive if you don’t catch them quickly.


Squirrels may be more socially acceptable than rats or mice, but they still cause havoc. Squirrels appear to enjoy electrical wiring, especially when it’s located in an attic. Fires and strange power outages may occur if they gnaw their way through your roofing material and get inside. Squirrels may also gnaw on your patio furniture or even non-metal elements of your car.

Keep your eyes and ears open.

Can Mice Chew Through Walls

Be vigilant in order to spot rodents before they cause major damage to your home. Look for squirrel damage in your neighborhood’s trees and outdoor structures. Look for evidence of an invasion in your attic. Look for rat and mouse droppings, broken wood, unidentified holes, or disturbed food storage indoors. At night, listen for scratching or squeaking noises. If you hear rodents inside your walls, it’s advisable to get a professional to remove them before they ruin your home in ways you didn’t expect or appreciate.

When Rodents Invade Your Property, Call AND

Although you may feel overwhelmed when mice, rats, and other rodents begin chomping on your property without your consent, the rodent control specialists at AND Exterminators are well-versed in rodent control. Our experts will examine your problem before developing a rodent control program tailored to your individual requirements. Once the rodents have been removed from your house, we can locate prospective rodent entry sites and help identify situations that may be conducive to infestations, ensuring that rats and mice do not return. 


Uninvited guests might weaken your home’s structure. Make an appointment with AND’s mice control Chicago experts today at (773)945-0727! Visit our website to read about How To Stop Mice Scratching In Walls.

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