Is A Deer Mouse A House Mouse

There are many similarities between the house mouse and the deer mouse… and identifying the deer mouse and the house mouse can be difficult. So, what are the distinctions? To begin with, they do not belong to the same mouse family, so rodent control specialists must be familiar with the specific protocol for controlling and/or […]

Deer Mouse Vs Field Mouse

Field mice can refer to a variety of small rodents, including house mice. The deer mouse, on the other hand, is most commonly associated with the name field mouse. House mice and deer mice are both common pests in homes, contaminating stored food and causing damage to wood, insulation, and wiring. How do differ deer […]

Deer Mouse Facts

The bodies of deer mice are small. They weigh between 10 and 24 grams and measure 119 to 222 mm in length, making them no longer than house mice. Tail length varies by population and ranges from 45 to 105 mm. Deer mice in woodlands are typically larger, with larger tails and feet than deer […]

Deer Mouse Size

The two Peromyscus species that live in America share a similar look, making it difficult to tell them apart from one another. What is the deer mouse size? The deer mouse typically distinguishes itself from the white-footed mouse (P. leucopus) by having the following characteristics:  Soft, luxuriant fur that is gray on the upper parts […]

Do Deer Mice Carry Disease

A rare infectious disease called hantavirus pulmonary syndrome manifests initially as flu-like symptoms before quickly worsening. It may result in heart and lung conditions that are fatal. Another name for the condition is hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome. Do deer mice carry disease? The hantavirus can cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in a number of different strains. Different […]

Odyssey Fun World

Odyssey Fun World Coupon entitles you to a Buy One Get One Free Attraction or Wristband worth up to $9.00. Only valid at our Tinley Park location. Book a weekend birthday party package and save $25.00, or book Monday through Friday and save 25%. Obtain a Coupon Odyssey Fun World is the premier entertainment facility […]

Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park is a park in Olympia Fields, Illinois 60461, United States. The company is classified as a park. It has 73 reviews, with a rating of 4.5 stars on average. The Far North Bicentennial Park is the largest park in Anchorage, Alaska, with over 1 million visitors per year. Hilltop Ski Area, Alaska Botanical […]

Bartel Grassland Land and Water Reserve

The 585-acre Bartel Grassland Land and Water Reserve, formerly an agricultural field divided by hedgerows, is now a flat, wet landscape home to an increasing variety of native plant and bird species. Visitors can see how restoration efforts have encouraged natural processes in an observation area with a mound. Bartel is adjacent to other public […]

Flossmoor Golf Club

Flossmoor Golf Club is a private country club in Bloom Township, Cook County, Illinois, just outside the village of Flossmoor. Flossmoor Country Club was founded in 1899 as Homewood Country Club and designed by Herbert J. Tweedie. In 1920, the club hosted the PGA Championship, which Jock Hutchison won. The 1923 U.S. Amateur Championship was […]

Park Forest Rail Fan Park

The Canadian National Corporation’s purchase of the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railroad (which runs east and west through Park Forest) made headlines in the Chicago area. The EJ&E passes beneath the north-south Metra Rail line near Park Forest’s commuter parking lot. The Village owned a 4-acre undeveloped parcel that had remained undeveloped. CN has built […]